Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Taisetsuzan national park, BLAZAM!

One of the many informative trail-side signs

There was mountains, and snow, and big places without anything.

Everything was blooming. For those interested I have about three hundred thousand million pictures of blooming plants.

Thar be bars in these thar hills

It got foggy.

It's so easy to take nice pictures of ferns. So I did.

This is what I looked like while I was hiking.

And this is what I looked like on top of a rocky peak.

There are mountains here.

This hole in the mountain was created by EXPLODING HOT LAVA.

A picture of me.

Out of the park, onto a bike, and all the swarthier for it.

Twilight falls, and it's my last night sleeping out with the Captain. Ahhhh, sad.

Just before I unloaded the Captain for the last time. Oh the times we had.


Ashley said...

You got rid of Captain Stag! No! He would have been so useful in Kyoto and company for my bike, Kunia.

Anonymous said...

Eli. you look so happy. I'm so glad you decided to take this trip. Can't wait to hang out when you get back!!!

Rebecca Stumpf said...

Nice work with the camera dude. Missoula misses you.....come back sometime!