Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Kobe and bicycles

Me'n Mayo 'n Kentucky

Oharas plus one

This is what the deck of the ferry looked like

This is what Captain Stag and the Hobo Army looks like

Tree. Fungus.

If you hike up Tarumaezan, you could see this too

This is the volcanic cone of Tarumaezan. HOT FREAKING LAVA.

Me. Flying above the clouds. Snap.

Oh, my old friends, your friendly faces fill me with joy.

Yoteizan is a big mountain.


Shakotan also=pretty

Shakotan also=pretty again

Crows. Dang.

Yes, Japanese bikers are as threatening as their road-names

Bus-stop graffiti

Buddha statues all get dressed up.


Kylie said...

Eli, are you Highway the 2nd? Or will you be the 4th?

Steve said...

Love the fungus shot. Long live the mold!!