Monday, January 07, 2008

Back to business

Well then, it seems as though I've taken a bit of a break from bearing my soul to the gentle internet. But I think I might have a go at making it a regular thing now.

So, in the interest of catching all of my regular readers up to speed, I offer this summary of the last two years:

1) Went to school (hated it, was sad and stressed out)
2) Played soccer (fun times, got kicked in the leg)
3) Started climbing outside (pure ecstasy, started skipping school to go climbing)
4) School got better (still not too into it, but I liked the people a lot)
5) Graduated (Holy shit, I'm smart)
6) Aaaaahhhhhhhhhhh
7) Wandered around in the woods looking for weeds (found some)
8) Moved to Seattle to try to salvage my tangled, confused relationship
9) Decided to start writing in my blog again, so that all the world might share in my glory

Well, that's about it.

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