Saturday, November 21, 2009

On the way to Pole - pictures

The view out the window on the way from Christchurch to McMurdo. This is what Antarctica looks like people.

Us and our faithful steed, the C-17. We landed on sea-ice, and are being herded to busses that will take us to McMurdo Station, or new and temporary home.

McMurdo is big enough it has both power lines and stop signs. Whoa. We started calling it New Yorktica.

Ob hill! McMurdo has topography! I'm pretty envious actually. Not shown in this photo is the giant smoking volcano next to McMurdo. Yup.

Here I am on Ob hill! Oh! And there's a tiny little Australian on my shoulder, so cute!

The view out the window of our Basler to Pole. That's the trans-Antarctic mountains out there. Turns out they're beautiful. Who'd of guessed?

And yes. Here I am at the actual South Pole. The little tiny point that stays still while the rest of the world rotates around it.

Daniel and the dome, soon to be destroyed. The dome that is, I don't think Daniel is scheduled for destruction.

And me in the dome spitting out the glowing crystal that I created with my mind-power. South Pole is awesome.

And this is the South Pole.

The scenery is fairly minimal, but desolation has its own beauty.


Rebecca!?! said...

You are awesome - mind power, little Australians on your shoulder, one of two points on the earth that doesn't move.......amazing, truly amazing.

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